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A New Pledge

Hi there,  I hope you enjoyed the holiday catch up posts! Since I had trouble keeping to my original promise of a post a week I have decided to make a new pledge to post something on the Sunday of each fortnight. I will start this Sunday so look out for cool creations! If there… Continue reading A New Pledge

What's Happening

A School Holiday Goal…

Hi, I'm back! So sorry for not posting anything for a while! When I set my goal for a post a week I didn't consider the time that it would take to make and write up the projects I've been doing, so the result is that I have done almost a craft project a week… Continue reading A School Holiday Goal…

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Choc Almond Biscuits

This morning there was a request in my house for someone to  please bake something nice for morning tea so, I got out our chocolate almond biscuit recipe and made some of these yummy biscuits. Since some people are gluten and dairy free I had to substitute the normal self raising flour for the gluten free… Continue reading Choc Almond Biscuits