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Cute Birthday Cards and Pretty Paper Flowers


Welcome to day 3 of the holiday catch up posts! Since it is one of my friends birthdays soon I decided that today I will show you some different card ideas that I made today. I will also show you how to make some cute flower decorations that can be used on cards or on top of presents.

Types of Materials Used:


Card 1:


To make this card I used:

  • Hot and light pink card for the base
  • Tissue paper for the flowers
  • Split pins for the flower center’s
  • Washy tape for the border
  • A felt tip pen for the writing


Card 2:


To make this card I used:

  • Textured brown card for the base
  • Plain light pink card for the background
  • Folded tissue paper for the ‘ribbon’
  • Hot pink, textured light pink and mint green paper for the flower petals and leaves
  • A silver pipe cleaner for the flower center
  • White tissue paper for the middle of the flower

How to make: Pretty Paper Flowers

    1.  Gather:
      • paper in different shades of  your selected colour,
      • light green paper,
      • a silver pipe cleaner or a split pin,
      • tissue paper,
      • a pencil,
      • normal and shaped scissors
      • a hole punch.
      • glue
    2. On the green paper draw three leaves all connected together, like in the image below.   IMG_20170707_125305_489 Cut the leaves out with the shaped scissors. IMG_20170707_125315_348.jpg


  1. Cut a square of coloured paper approximately 5 cm wide for the back part of the flower. Draw a flower with four petals inside the square with a petal in each corner. Cut the flower out making sure all the petals are connected and punch a hole through the middle.IMG_20170707_121933.jpg
  2. Taking a different piece of coloured paper cut a square approximately 4 cm wide for the front part of the flower. Draw the same type of flower, cut it out and punch a hole in the middle of the petals.
  3. Draw and cut a small circle of tissue paper, approximately 1 cm wide. Cut the pipe cleaner to an approximate length of 5 cm and make a small knob at one end. In the middle of the circle push through the skinny end of the pipe cleaner or the split pin.
  4. You should now have pieces similar to the below.IMG_20170707_125352_199.jpg
  5. Push the smaller set of petals onto the pipe cleaner right up to tissue paper. img_20170707_125401_932.jpgDo the same for the bigger set. Cut the pipe cleaner close to the last set of petals and fold to secure it them place.
  6.  Finally, glue the leaves to the back of the flower. You’re done!


Thanks for reading!



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