What's Happening

A School Holiday Goal…

Hi, I’m back!

So sorry for not posting anything for a while! When I set my goal for a post a week I didn’t consider the time that it would take to make and write up the projects I’ve been doing, so the result is that I have done almost a craft project a week but I haven’t shared it with you! To compensate for the weeks that have gone by without anything being posted, in the next few days I will post one craft project per day, since it’s the school holidays and I now have lots more free time.  Also I’ve set a more realistic goal for the future in that I’ll only be posting one project every fortnight. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to keep to this one!

Enjoy my new creations!


Note on Curly Top Socks Part 2: I have had some trouble explaining this part of my pattern, so it has taken longer to post. Don’t worry it’ll be posted this week!

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