Honey Almond Delights

Today I'll share with you a recipe that I came up with for gluten and refined sugar free biscuits. These biscuits have the beautiful rough texture of almond meal, chewy caramelised taste of honey and a hint of coconut. Whether you are gluten free or not these always taste delicious! Honey Almond Delights Makes approx.… Continue reading Honey Almond Delights


The Scent of Spring

Hi! Today I'll show you some  really quick and simple craft projects to bring the scent of spring into your home. Even though it's almost the end of spring, the flowers in our garden have only just started to look, and smell nice, now! However, we've made good use of the blooms to decorate our… Continue reading The Scent of Spring


Recycled Jewellery Box

Hi, Welcome to Cath Creations! Today I will show you how to up cycle small card board boxes into cute jewellery boxes. I got this idea from the left over IKEA boxes that were left over from last weekend when we put up some new  cupboards. What you'll need: A small cardboard box from the… Continue reading Recycled Jewellery Box


Vintage Suitcase Storage

Hi there! Today I'll show you how to transform an old suitcase into some vintage looking storage, so that stuff under your bed doesn't look like it was just dumped there! I love the rustic look of this project and it sure beats the plastic storage container alternative. This project will only take you a… Continue reading Vintage Suitcase Storage


Letters in String Art

Welcome to the 6th day of holiday catch up posts! I have seen many images of string art over the internet but barely any instructions on how to make them . I made a string art picture a few months ago of the Australian parliament house with hot air balloons going over it but decided… Continue reading Letters in String Art

Card Making

Cute Birthday Cards and Pretty Paper Flowers

Welcome to day 3 of the holiday catch up posts! Since it is one of my friends birthdays soon I decided that today I will show you some different card ideas that I made today. I will also show you how to make some cute flower decorations that can be used on cards or on… Continue reading Cute Birthday Cards and Pretty Paper Flowers